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A great light in darkness

A great light in darkness – Repentance and righteousness reaffirm the message of this new life. A living soul is known by power, Grace and ability to hear and assimilate God’s word. The early church grew in the habit of preaching the message of repentance to sinners, and also taking to what they preached, under the the watching eyes of every hearer. Here light sprung up in darkness. The death of Stephen move disciple makers to spread God’s word far and wide. Some came to Antioch and broke the good tidings and depopulated children of darkness in the area. Unity and cooperation in the body of Christ step down the spirit of disciple making. Here spiritual light shines in darkness.

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Famine of God’s word in a family, village, state, etc authenticates dominion of spiritual darkness. A great light sprung up at Antioch and many sinners came to knowledge of the truth and also have their life to Christ. Here the church at Jerusalem, sent Barnabas to the newly planted church at Antioch. Such is the method to make increase of light in the battle of universal disciple making.

Apostle Paul was made to come down to Antioch. He gave his own quota in the revival. A great light sprung, up when children of light assemble themselves with the people who gave their lives newly to the lord, a year, teaching them God’s word, and also taking to what they preach. Such is the glory of great light that shines in darkness. Hold fast power and glory of light. The unity, love, corporation, obedience, sanctity, student spirit and other fruit of new life, found in the midst of disciples, moved the unbelievers to call Christ disciples Christians at Antioch.

Do not forget, let go, hate , irrevocable and timely obedience. The children of darkness are good observers. Many a times fruit of life speak louder than vain message of repentance (preaching but without love in the body of Christ). Do not overlook deathly work of Satan and evil plan of the devil to hinder Divine instrument from taking to the good works whereby he wanted to do, according to what he had been intimating people to do.

NOTE: preaching the gospel, disciple making and taking to all, under the watching eyes of all is a great light in darkness

The reason for shinning in darkness

We are called to shine in darkness so as to reciprocate power to subdue and overcome the prince of darkness. Power to shine in darkness reaffirm sonship of God. Whosoever shines in darkness has a share in Divine nature. A soldier of the cross step down Devine pleasure when he goes on shinning in darkness. Heaven belongs to those who shine in darkness.

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