An inward personal spiritual growth

TEXT: ACTS 10:1-27


An inward personal spiritual growth – The inner man of any human born, is the center of meditation. Someone meditates on a thing or many he or she has the knowledge of. Peter, fall into a trance ,, when praying alone to God. The servant of God was made to meditate on the vision. Here he began to grow inwardly. Such is inward negotiation with the Holy spirit.

There is heterogeneous vision in the spiritual journey of God’s children on earth. Come to union with God, Jesus and Holy ghost all day long so as to be able to move God the revealer of mystery to reveal every spiritual thing to you. God knows the system to reveal spiritual things to the lovers of steadfastness, little by little according to spiritual stature of the penitent.

The Holy spirit teaches the word of this new life at whatsoever God calls upon his servant to take to in the way he would understand. Here he open the entrance of inward spiritual growth for God’s children. Do not let go inward negotiation with Holy Spirit. The ability to meditate personal vision, till you come to full knowledge of Divine expectation in your life, and the method to do the ministry, blessed a child of life with cup of personal spiritual growth.

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Satan a defeated man of war, is highly against inward spiritual growth. Many a times, he stand up and instigate someone to overlook Divine revelation. Instead of contemplating on heavenly things, they cast their mind on earthly things little knowing that the devil has succeeded having the light of vision of inward personal spiritual growth quenched.

Beware of these misconduct. When the vision of earthly things rise up and choke God’s revelation in your life, do not give Satan a foothold in your soul. Ignorance of Divine demand hinders Holy Ghost from deploying a soldier of the cross.

NOTE: The power and ability to meditate Divine revelation in your spiritual warfare, till God deploys you according to the revelation is an inward personal spiritual growth.

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