Grow big in Divine nature

Grow big in Divine nature – The word of God is beyond human wisdom. Divine instruction is holy and perfect. Nothing changes God’s word. God’s word is holy as the speaker (God). Never you take to a thing contrary to God’s word, so as to be able to avert the trap of death. The two sons of Aaron appeared before God with unauthorized fire.

Thus having confrontation with Divine holiness, but ignorantly , due to forgetfulness of Divine instruction. Here God put them to death. Make no attempt to defile Divine holiness. Tremble always before God. There is life and death, at the period of God’s deployment. Divine deployment is supersaturated with life, but taking to a thing contrary to Divine sanctity incurs death.

God carefully instructs his servant on what to do when he calls . God cannot make a mistake. There is no mistake in holiness. An infinite Divine holiness is beyond human wisdom. God deploys so as to move penitent to have a share in his holiness, through renunciation of adding to or taking away from Divine demand, in the battle of life.

The wise obey the lord, little by little according to the level of spiritual knowledge. Here they enlarge the coast of Divine nature in their soul. Avert making mistake in the battle of holiness. Satan stands afar from a spotless christian. The spirit of error cannot speak the language of holiness. Beware of forgetfulness in the battle of life. Someone cannot forget available word of God in the inner man.

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Satan, evil spirit, Adamic nature and lovelessness to a little bitterness in the office of obedience to God’s word, know the method to take away God’s word from the soul. Momentary forgetfulness is forgetfulness. Give no foot hold to Satan to take away God’s word from your life in any moment. The power to call Divine instruction to remembrance speak an entrance to holiness. Let the word of God lord over you till you embrace irrevocable sanctity.

NOTE: holiness is Divine nature.

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