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Personal spiritual light

Light is powerful. Darkness cannot withstand spiritual light in the life of true worshippers. Peter was made a great light of the world. He gave his life to Christ, followed the lord, till Jesus appointed him chief disciple makers. King Herod rose up to kill peter, but in vain. The good work of peter( personal light of the man of God) moved the church to pray, when the Apostle was arrested and kept in prison. The disciples and disciples maker prayed without ceasing, till God delivered him from the hand of Herod and from evil expectation of false leaders in Judaism.

Satan and his armies cannot do a thing in the light. None of the soldiers was able to withstand the light of deliverance in prison, when the angel of God appeared to deliver peter. Light attracts light. The personal light in the life of Apostle peter attracts the angel of light, and he came down and delivered him.


Man is a little creator. God created man in his own likeness and image. Here he gave human born power to create good things for the welfare of his soul. One of the things where by you are deployed to create is personal spiritual light. When the battle is hot, as it was in the case of Apostle Peter, do not get slack in your spiritual warfare or contemplate on the method to make an escape; instead keep on moving forward. That is the strategy to create personal spiritual light. Do good according to the knowledge of truth in you. If you continue in Divine expectation from you, in the system you do not let go the work a moment, you are blessed with personal spiritual light.

Disciple making authenticates personal spiritual light. Run after fruits of the spirit. The few years whereby you have to spend on Earth , must be properly used. Manipulate your spiritual duties without error, mistake and forgetfulness. Here a child of light grows big in personal spiritual light. Make your soul a confident dwelling place of the holy Spirit. The lordship of the spirit keeps your personal light shinning. Obey onward voice of holy Spirit. Read your Bible more than any other books. Remember to read with single-mindedness. Here the light of God’s word becomes your personal spiritual light. Let go mischievous exercise, but hold fast gentleness and humility as a child of light.

NOTE: Irrevocable spiritual duties, power to meet Divine demand and holiness is personal spiritual light.

The reason for personal spiritual light and the system to step down the light

Blessed is the child of light in Christian world. He is not afraid of terror by night or day, nor the arrow of demons at any moment. The light in him separate all his does from him. The enemy make war with the child of God, but from afar. The heart of a child of light is steadfast, he is afraid of nothing beside God. He makes war and have an upper hand. This Divine instrument serve God and enjoy sweet sleep. A child of light is a son of first resurrection. He Will rose up again, if he had departed from this lower world, on account of taking the earthly stewardship to completion and as an overcomer. The child of darkness would not take part in the first resurrection. A sun of light is immortal human born. A child of light would never see death. It is easy to call a son of light from death to life, if he died prematurely, as it was in the case of Lazarus, a friend of Jesus. The perishable would certainly put on imperishable. Death and darkness are one. Light is the component of life.

Righteousness is light. Give to someone who demand a thing or many from you. Stand up and cover the nakedness of many, especially that of the children of God. Visit prisoners continuously. Here you disciple sinners among them and also encourage children in prison. Take to good work on time. Do not overlook what God call upon you to do for the welfare of the church and others. Light is the center of wisdom. Whosoever makes war, seek God etc with little or no light is a Christian of sub-normal knowledge, he cannot diagnose Satan Wiles. Many return to the world, on account of weakness and ignorant of what to do in the house of Satan. A child of light is not afraid, when Satan stands up with rumbustious problem, seeing that spiritual light in his soul would render Satan and his works less than nothing.

Honour and keep Divine commandment, according to your spiritual stature, talent, spiritual gift and deployment. Here you bring down the light. Stand faithful before God and hold fast your daily, weekly, hourly etc duties. Do not forget or let go the work, on account of loaded or clouded earthly program. Stand up and glorify God with spiritual amputation, necessary renunciation, good work and continuous spiritual songs. Build upon spiritual foundation. Do not add or subtract a thing from God word. Here you step down the light.

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