Rejoice in God’s work

Rejoice in God’s work – We are commanded to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Jesus the chief corner Stone is the author of a new life and a change of life in the life of makers of holy turn round in Christian Life. Here a son of this new life cast his mind on the method to please God first: seeing that the Bible says

For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded I slide and peace

Romans 8:6

There is love in heavenly mindedness. The spirit of Jesus is the focus, priority and favourite of true worshippers. Jesus had no portion in earthly glory when he came. The Lord made every effort to take to Divine will only.

Let the spirit of Jesus dwell in you richly and permanently. Here you worship the Lord with enjoyment. Even if sinners hurt, disgrace,cheat, and accuse you falsely, the spirit of Jesus in you would render the innuendo less than nothing.

Thus serving God with enjoyment. Rejoice in the lord always. Remember we are in the world. Even if we put the flesh to death, man extremity and human weakness do not stand afar from you. Here we know that the battle to destroy the components of the flesh (discouragement in God’s work, sorrows, weakness, divided mind and unwise thought) completely is hot.

None of these things was in Jesus when he came. A little deviation from Christ example in spiritual work leads to sorrows. Remember the Apostle and early christian were little perplexed over earthly things. They excel in the habit of keeping treasure for themselves in heaven. Heavenly mindedness attracts joy in service. Such is an entrance is an entrance to righteousness and true worship.

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Spiritual life authenticates true worship and serving God with enjoyment. The sons and daughters of righteousness stands afar from lukewarmness, love of pleasure, indolence and neglect of spiritual duties. Seeing that the misconduct reaffirm taking to spiritual warfare with sorrows and divided mind.

You are called to serve God with enjoyment when he deploys you. The happiness is credited to you in righteousness and humility. The christian conduct speaks childlike Divine worship. Thus serving God as beloved child of God. Here Jesus loves and blesses with Grace and wisdom to uncover dross and unknown so in your life; and let go on time . Jesus the Lord does not leave us as an orphan. Serving the lord in sorrows is unrighteousness and renunciation of fatherhood of Jesus in the battle of salvation.

NOTE: serving God with the spirit of Christ indwelling and taking to spiritual duties with enjoyment is the system to rejoice in God’s work

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