Satan’s defeat in the church

Satan’s defeat in the church – The early church moved God to depopulate sinners. Unspeakable dreadfulness before the lord broke out in the church by reason of the death of Ananias and his wife a day. Godly fear attracts church growth and revival. The gross Noble conduct disfigures both body and administration of Satan in the church. Make every effort to exterminate ungratefulness, lying spirit, stinginess, love of money and pleasure in sin, from the church. Here Satan stands trembling before her. Satan is a defeated for.

Jesus disfigured the body of Satan and also bruised the head of prince of death on the cross. Thus calling upon us to follow his footsteps in the office of cross bearing. Giving to God authenticates true worship. Ananias and his wife had no knowledge of Satan indwelling in their soul, by reason of stinginess, lovelessness to Sacrificial giving and unfaithfulness in the office of giving. Here the presence of these two sinners enthrone Satan on the church, but the Holy ghost rose up and killed them.

Thus demolishing administration of Satan in the church. The spirit of truth killed the under the watching eyes of all in the church. Here They fear the lord greatly and took to readiness to give and stand faithful before God. Satan is afraid of true worship. Give no foothold to the prince of death in the church. True love, single mindedness, Sacrificial giving epitomizes Satan defeat in the church.

Make every effort to bring down dutiful, spirit filled and prayerfully church. Thus giving no foothold to Satan in the church. Remember, thee is no variableness neither, shadow of turning in Christ and true worship. Never you follow the defeated Christians who refused to follow Christ footsteps in Divine worship.

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Whosoever preaches, teaches, prays, sings, make disciples, gives etc like Christ, speaks the the language of Satan defeat. Such is the expectation from the church. Stand out for the Lord and provide every material needed in the church, in the battle of church planting, disciples making, extension growth and balanced church growth. Availability of the material and standing on the holy ground attracts Satan’s defeat in the church.

NOTE: Making every effort to take away stinginess, worldly mindedness, ungodliness, sin etc from the church so as to be able to do everything like Christ is Satan’s defeat in the church.

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