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SPIRITUAL EYES – Jesus knows the future of all. God sent him into this world as the author of spiritual life and vision. The Lord made disciples. He also made ready to depart from the world to God. He intimated them to wait for the Holy Ghost, as a teacher, director etc. An ordinary eyes is not as powerful as spiritual eyes. Blessed is the man who takes the cup of Divine grace to do everything through the leadership of Holy Ghost.

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The spirit is here on Earth to open the eyes of faith of true believer the biblical method to worship God. The knowledge of scripture, but without Holy Ghost is half knowledge. Here the Christian worships God with the spirit of error. Many in the Christian world overlook Holy Ghost baptism and leadership, little knowing that they have their spiritual eyes blinded. Satan knows the wise worshipers of God.

The leadership of Holy Ghost makes a child of God wiser than Satan, demons and sinners. Do not displease Holy Ghost a moment. He is here on Earth to keep your eyes open for inevitable, indispensable, compulsory, necessary and irrevocable duties of life. Ignorance of these things speaks stunted growth and spiritual ignorance. Here Satan stands up and lead the person astray. Many call upon God, but he does no answer, for they know not the system to call.

Availability and leadership of Holy Ghost moves someone to worship God, and step down Divine pleasure. Here God lifts him up. When the spirit comes upon you, make every effort to humble yourself as a little child before Him. Such is the method to move the spirit of truth to lead you to the day you would see yourself in the place whereby Jesus went to prepare for the sinfree. Learn to obey Christ commandment and whatsoever the Holy Spirit intimates you to do. The spirit of truth easily and quickly departs from someone who goes on disobeying him. Here the person stays alone.



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