Spiritual giving

Spiritual giving

Man was made a living soul in the beginning; for Divine glory and welfare of man. The earth (man) is the Lord who created the world in the beginning. The giver of life call on earth to worship him with spiritual giving. The ancient of days give life, He is both maker and giver of life. Life is reciprocal. The wise gives things to God and receive life and eternal life from the originator of life, Jesus and the Holy spirit. Jesus and the Father are one. Jesus says

It is the spirit that quickeneth the flesh profited nothing: the word that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life

John 6:63

Honour Divine demand, the creator and the author of life needs your heart, spiritual and ordinary life supremely. Christ teaching is the center of life. The spirit of Christ whereby a young convert receives at the hour of holy turn round, , moves him to excel in the life of spiritual giving. The Bible says

My son give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.

Proverbs 23:26

Your body is the lord. Let go looking at a man or woman lustfully. The eyes were given for good works, searching the scripture, seeing the beauty of the son, moon, sky, Stars, mountain, rivers, increase of people on earth etc. Here the thankful worshippers glorifies God. Life is supreme. The change of life from evil to good is Divine demand, thus holding to life of Christ. The manifestation of life of Christ, when Christ is formed in the life of a true worshipper speaks spiritual giving. God needs the inner man supremely. Holy imagination and holy whereby true worshipper hold unto declares spiritual giving.

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God is glorified when Christ disciples contemplate on how to make disciples, do good build the church, cover Divine nakedness, help the weak, provide the need of others in the church; though they do not take to Noble exercise, yet they glorify God in the wise thought. Such is spiritual giving. You are commanded to withhold correction and Christ teaching.

Let Holy ghost move you to assimilate every word from the mouth of Jesus, the prince of life. Correct and rebuke others, especially little children and young convert. Do not to enticers, daughters of evil, sons of unrighteousness, Messengers of Satan etc. When they entice you. Let Jesus take Monopoly of your spirit, soul and body. Give the prince of life priority of claim over your life. Here the devil and his armies make an escape, seeing that no foothold is given to them in your life.

NOTE: Giving your spirit, heart, mind, soul and body to God as holy sacrifice is spiritual giving.

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