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Spiritual investment – Jesus intimated his disciples and would be disciples the best place to keep treasures for themselves, the earthly possession is uncertain riches. The lord blesses Christians with earthly possession so as to glorify him with what He blesses them with and receive true riches. You are commanded to work hard. Submission to the exhortation blesses hard working worshipers With power to make money and also have many things to renounce for Divine glory.

Beware of misuse of earthly riches. Many work hard and remain rich, but Satan instigates them to spend a greater part of what God blesses them with earthly things, little knowing that Jesus intimates the members of his body the tragedy in keeping treasures for themselves on earth. Overcoming labouring for certain riches with toiling for uncertain riches. Jesus kept nothing on earth for himself beside the disciples (the church) whereby he made, setting an example for us to follow.

Blessed are the true worshippers and disciple makers who go on spending the greater part of earthly riches in the battle of church building, disciple making, extension church growth, church planting and support of full time Christ ambassadors deployed in the battle of universal redemption and dethronement of Satan.

The Bible says

” but ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit, if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you, now if any man have not the spirit of Christ he is none of his ” Romans 8:9.

A canal Christian is ignorance of spiritual investment, he goes on doing the will of Satan and holding unto worldly investment like the rich man recorded in Luke 16:19-31.

Let the spirit of Jesus dwell in you richly.

Here you reciprocate power to serve God with habit of lifetime spiritual investment. The maker of spiritual investment excel in the life of covering devine nakedness first. They labour for completion of church project and whatsoever God commands the church to do. The true worshipper seek Divine will supremely. Taking to Divine will only as Prince of life did on earth,especially in the field of giving the best and noblest to God , reaffirm spirit of Christ indwelling.

Spiritual investment authenticates heavenly citizenship and sonship of God . Spiritual investment attracts spiritual and ordinary riches . The heart of true believer is in heaven by reason for putting a greater part of money, possession etc in spiritual things. Here they stand afar from the world and also reciprocate power over many temptation and worldly sorrows. N/B spending a greater part of all that you have for spiritual duties is spiritual investment

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