Temporary Satan’s defeat

TEXT: JOHN 13:1-3



Holy turn round is the beginning of Satan’s defeat in the life of a child of God. Satan made an escape at the hour of repentance from sin; though he does not stand afar from a young convert. Judas Iscariot came to disunity with Satan when he gave his life to Christ. Union with Christ authenticates Divine sonship. Judas Iscariot followed Christ as one of Jesus disciples.
Thus having a share in Satan’s defeat in heaven and Christ victory over Satan on earth. Judas Iscariot was among the twelve Christ disciples sent out by Jesus to go and preach the word of this new life, heal the sick, cast out devil’s, raise the death etc when he was in faith. Satan saw him and tremble by reason for having Christ formed a little in his life.
Never you renounce Christ a moment by reason for temptation, hardship, every wind of doctrine, misdeed of false christian, unchristian conduct of false leaders, love of money etc. Such is the entrance of Satan into a sinful soul, who diverts his attention from faith to the thing of the world. Here the devil tip toes into his soul this taking Monopoly of his life but he knows not. That is the problem of many christian today.
Whosoever comes to submission to dominion of Satan, is in bondage of sin and death. Beware of love of money. Judas Iscariot ushered in Satan into his soul, by reason of love of money and having the fire of spiritual enthusiasm put off in his life. Pity Judas Iscariot, sinful Christians , backsliders and hypocrites who let go their spiritual light and righteousness and abide in spiritual darkness. Here Satan lords over them.
The demons they had been casting out, stand up and deploy them as their servant. Thus instigating them to take to spiritual duties whereby God does not accept like Judas Iscariot. Make sure your name is written in the book of life in heaven. God cancelled the name of Judas Iscariot from the book of life when he overcame spiritual desire and pleasure in cross bearing with love of money and ungodliness. Judas did not contemplate on spending eternity with Satan in Unquenchable fire, but he ended up his earthly life as a sinner.
Never you feel or believe that you take the cup of final Satan’s defeat while you have not completed your earthly duties. You are called and intimated to work hard, take watchfulness, stand spotless, and obey the lord day by day. Here you enjoy daily Satan’s defeat.


NOTE: Renunciation of Christ after giving your life to Christ is temporary Satan’s defeat.

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