blood of new testament

The blood of new testament

The blood of new testament – Jesus Christ is the mediator of the new covenant. The children of Israel saw Divine fire when he contracted covenant with them. They heard the word of God put of the midst of fire. Every body trembles greatly before the Lord. The Bible says

And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said I exceedingly fear and quake.


Mosea was the only person whereby God authorised to draw near when he made the covenant with Israel, and yet he was afraid.

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In the old testament, death was sin penalty of covenant breaking. The forty days and forty nights Sacrificial prayer of Moses was not enough to reconcile with God, here Jesus came down from heaven to offer himself for universal salvation. The lord contracted the new covenant with his blood. In new testament, death penalty is the portion of covenant breakers.

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Remember how Ananias and Sapphira his wife died a day in the church by reason for breaking covenant of Sacrificial giving in the early church. Beware of covenant breaking. The new covenant must be honoured; seeing that Jesus our Lord contracted the covenant with his blood.

Do not make a mock at unchristian conduct, fruit of the old life and whatsoever you have renounce at the hour of repentance. Continue in the grace of salvation. You are commanded to serve God with reverence and Godly fear, seeing that Jesus delivered you from God’s wrath by his blood.

The blood of Jesus is heavenly. Beware of the way of son of perdition. The person would surely die; swing that he want to move Jesus to shed his blood the second time, little knowing that it is impossible. Take to necessary and indispensable amputation so as to be able to Honour the blood of Jesus. Submission and obedience to the blood of new testament is life. Spiritual, ordinary and eternal death is of covenant breakers.

Learn to taste a little bitterness in the battle of obedience with enjoyment. Excel in the christian conduct; till Christ is formed in you. Here you have a share in Christ nature on earth. When children of darkness entice you do not give into them. The blood of the new testament is heavenly. Though the lord does not kill immediately when a sinner takes to unrighteousness as he had been doing in the old testament, the law breaker would surely die if he fails to return to God in time.

NOTE: Standing out for Jesus and touching no evil after giving your life to Jesus is the system to honour the blood of the new Testament.

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