The fire of spiritual growth

The fire of spiritual growth – God ordains spiritual growth in the body of Christ. The Holy spirit is a dutiful power of powers. He works without ceasing. Here he deploys true worshippers to make war with the government and dominion of sin victoriously.

The fire of spiritual duties, is one of unfading spiritual weapon used in the battle field (the soul of man). The Lord has commanded you to grow. Spotlessness and spiritual growth are one. God knows every sinfree. Take to supreme lovelessness to sin and whatsoever comes from Satan. When evil doers sin against you, since they cannot let go taking to the duties of the native land (evil world); remember to return good for evil. Such is the strategy to keep the fire of personal spiritual growth burning.

An irrevocable and heterogeneous spiritual duties is the spirit of spiritual growth. Stand up now and beyond, and keep the office of spiritual duties open, till Jesus comes, or you depart to meet the lord, hereafter. Rejoice at Divine hour ( the day of God’s blessings) and at the hour of Satan (the days of trouble).

Here you receive power to render Satan, demons and sinful nature powerless in attempt to hinder you from doing what God deploys you for. The fire is known by power to consume. Spiritual fire is more powerful than ordinary fire.

The system whereby Divine instrument labours for edification of church growth, declares the the method he steps down the fire of spiritual growth. The fire is heavenly. God himself is the giver of the fire. Be diligent and faithful in your spiritual warfare, so as to be able to move the originator of the fire to send adequate fire of spiritual growth upon you. The fire is power and powerful. Do not fail to remember that a little sin, puts off, the fire of spiritual growth.

NOTE: Unquenchable and continuous spiritual duties in the church, through the leadership of the Holy ghost, is the fire of spiritual growth.

The strategy to keep the fire of spiritual growth burning

The lovers of spiritual growth, cannot let go unfeigned faith in the warfare of spiritual progress. An irrevocable faith in Jesus moves the true worshippers to grow in God’s nature, little by little, till they attain spiritual matured manhood.

Prayer is the power and spirit of spiritual growth. Take to secret prayers. Embrace private devotion when need breaks out. Obedience to exhortation to heterogeneous prayer keeps the fire of spiritual growth burning. Spiritual growth needs divers teaching from visible teachers (God’s ministers) and invisible teacher (the Holy spirit in the soul).

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The fire of spiritual growth keeps on burning when the Holy ghost in the soul moves the penitent to remember God’s word and also give the power to all. The spirit continue to uncover many and necessary mysteries in the battle of spiritual growth. Here the lord calls upon you to love and depend upon Holy ghost in the process of spiritual growth. Do not displease him a moment.

Hold fast the mark of sincerity: speaking the truth, taking to Christ teaching verbatim, holding fast Godly fear , abiding in humility etc. Here you keep the fire burning. Devotion to God and Christ doctrine edifies the inner and body in the field of spiritual growth. Whatsoever that is excellent, good permissable in the doctrine of Christ and biblical, seek the thing and also take to as the Bible says.

Thus moving the fire of spiritual growth to Kindle in your soul. In every moment show yourself a partain of good work. Bear the cross of spiritual growth with eqainimity. When the battle is hot, do not make an escape. Let go passing judgement on God, but continue to love him supremely, even if it is not well with you as you expected. If you take to piety in season and out of season, the lord would keep the fire of spiritual growth burning in you till the end.


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