The land of righteousness

Biblical righteousness is life. Man was created to fight the battle of righteousness. satan and his armies are afraid of righteousness. There is a little bitterness in righteousness. The prince of death and his angels could not test the bitterness; hence they stood afar from life. Christ is the author of righteousness. The spirit of Jesus indwelling epitomizes power to make righteousness. Taking to spiritual warfare, doing good, displaying righteousness, making war with Satan, etc but not like Jesus is unrighteousness. Seeing that Jesus is the author of righteousness, the wise worshippers come to union with Christ on earth in order to be able to make righteousness. The Bible says,

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye … ”
John 15:4-5.

Jesus made life-time union with the Father on earth, thus calling you to abide in Him. Abiding in Jesus is the foundation of righteousness. Many make every effort to take to righteousness but in vain because they do not submit to Jesus, love the truth, live according to God’s word and Christ teachings. Nothing changes God’s word. Christ’s teaching and God’s word are one. Sons and daughters of this new life let go earthly wisdom and hold unto gentle and childlike spirit; here they continue in Christ teaching and reciprocate power to know the truth. The world (sinners) do not know the truth because they hate Jesus. Whosoever stands afar from Jesus because he does not want to preach, teach, bear cross, submit to Divine will, pray, seek Divine will, take to Divine will, please God, fulfill all righteousness, make war with satan, endure hardship, keep silent when necessary, deny himself, return good for evil, love both Sinfree and sinners, pay price of salvation of sinners, take to long Suffering, love enemies and bear crosS with enjoyment like Jesus; cannot stand on the land of righteousness.
Jesus says,

“If a man abide not in Me, he is cast forth as a branch…”
John 15:6.

Separation from Christ speaks anti righteousness, death, spiritual deterioration, inability to do good, spiritual death, eternal death, union with satan, sonship of the prince of death, spirit of Satan indwelling and marching to unquenchable fire made for satan and his angels. Do not contemplate on returning to the world when the battle is hot, let go your spiritual duties when things go wrong and when satan stands up. Power and grace to overlook all that satan, evil spirits and sinners do against you in the battle of life, this moving toward goal blesses with power to stand on the land of righteousness. Jesus calls you to make friend with Him. Jesus is love. The Lord loves the disciple supremely.

Jesus says,

“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth… ” John 15:15.

Let Holy Ghost open your understanding in the battle of life. Ability to know the truth and assimilate Christ teachings speak power to grow wiser than satan,

principalities, powers, prince of the power of the air, spiritual wickedness in high places, gods of this world, beast, mother of harlot, sinful nature, lust of the flesh and all other anti righteousness; here you reciprocate power to make righteousness.

In summary

Doing good only after taking the cup of salvation and abiding in Jesus in order to know the truth and bear much fruits, is the land of righteousness.

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