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The Messengers of darkness

The Messengers of darkness – A false leader in the body of Christ has no portion in God. God does not deploy false prophets. They stand afar from God, light and truth. Satan calls and deploys false prophets. There are here on Earth to make war with light and Jesus, the head of the church. Jesus says,

Ye are the light of the world

Matthew 5:14

God was highly against the prophet who prophesied lies in his name. The lord called them, prophet of deceit of the their own heart. Satan stand afar from the body of Christ,seeing that she was purchased by the blood of Jesus. The devil tip-toes into the church when he appoints false prophetess, prophet, teachers and leaders. They are here on Earth, just to move many who want to serve God alright, to forget the truth and biblical method to worship God and make heaven. You cannot easily number havoc made by false leaders in Christians world today. They have succeeded motivating many to forget the truth and Christ doctrine by false miracle and unbiblical method of worship. Both the darkness of Satan and death breakout and have dominion in every church of Satan through unauthorized leadership of false leaders.


Beware of Messengers of darkness. Many a times they depopulate living churches, through false miracle. The newly born spiritual children easily follow them, since they have not yet come to full knowledge of the truth. Expose the evil deeds of these killers. Preach the gospel till you expose false Messengers and doctrine of false leaders. A great number of Messengers of darkness feel that they are instrument of light. Satan is wiser than every sinner. Pray for salvation of these unwise human born. Make every effort to disciple them. Call upon Holy ghost to arrest false leaders. Jesus shedded his blood and also died on the cross for salvation of all, including Messengers of darkness. Power to depopulate these sinners speak dominion of light in the territory of darkness. Never you feel that, you would not be able. God is abundantly able to disciple top sinners.

NOTE: False prophets, leaders, pastors etc in Christian world, are Messengers of darkness.

The strategy to make war and overcome Messengers of darkness

Pray for salvation of sinners. Many sons and daughters of darkness are in need of repentance, but they are unable. Call upon Holy ghost, as the spirit of salvation,bro visit them in a way they would repent. Repentance break out when a sinner weeps, wails, and years his heart at the hour of message of salvation. Present the message of new life in the method whereby the sons of darkness will tremble before God and repent at the moment. Jesus paid the price of salvation of sinners, by his own precious blood. Only depend on Divine ability in the battle of soul winning. The blood of Jesus is able to take away all sin, except the sin that leads to death. Intercede for forgiveness of the sin of sinners.

Take to all night prayer continuously with humble spirit. thus intimating God to call sinners out of darkness to light. Jesus, the prince of salvation paid the price of salvation of sinners, through suffering, cross bearing, etc on Earth. This setting an example for us to follow. A sinner would certainly come to repentance, immediately the price of salvation paid by you is proportional to the level of corruption of the child of darkness. Donor give off, when a child of Satan, goes on sinning as you are trying to disciple him. If you are a sinner repent else Divine fire will consume you.

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