spirit of giving

The spirit of giving

The spirit of giving

The spirit of giving is of God Jesus and Holy spirit. Such is Divine nature. The devil is anti spirit of giving. Satan and his angels have nothing to give, beside death and evil. Whosoever possess the spirit of Satan can not meet Divine demand in the field of giving. Selfishness is antagonist against the spirit of giving to God. The children of Israel in the wilderness were blessed with the spirit of giving. They had no dwelling place in the desert, but they provided more than Divine demand in the building of the sanctuary. Such is the system to have a share in Divine demand.

The world is the lord. Divine gift sustains the world. The breath of life, light of sun, moon stars in the sky, daily food, universal Holy ghost incubation, knowledge, wisdom etc whereby God gives day by day declares Divine spirit of giving. In these teaching the Bible says

And they receive of Moses all the offering in which the children of Israel had brought for the work of the service of the sanctuary to make it withal. And they brought yet unto him free offering every morning.

Exodus 36:3

The Noble and glorious giving in the house of God ( daily giving) authenticates giving to God as God gives to man. The children of Israel in the wilderness really gave. They gave with the mind to carry the project to completion. Let your gift whereby you present before God , be proportional to Divine blessing in your life. Sacrificial giving is of the spirit of giving. Do not give off in the field of giving when the purpose of given is not completed.

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The spirit of giving moves a benevolent to give with enjoyment, to the best of his ability, wholeheartedly, as the Bible says and with the mind to complete the project, even if all makes an escape. Many a times true worshippers who excel in the giving spirit have nothing to give. Here the benevolent fast and pray, take to diverse consecration, thus moving God to provide as he blessed Israel in the wilderness. They work hard and also ask God to bless them with more than enough material and money to present before God. A benevolent keeps on giving knowing that God holds him responsible for providing enough for the work and project of the church. Divine nature whereby the true believers have received, moves them to hold fast the spirit of giving.

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