Tithes and offering-RelevantUpdate

Divine blessing is conditional. True worship (obedience to God ) in tithes and offering brings Divine pleasure. The ancient of days rebuke Israel in going away from his ordinances, and not worshipping God with tithes and offering. Here cursing overtook them. The children of Israel committed sin of giving improper tithes and offerings to God by leadership of spirit of stinginess and blinded mind. God said

Will a man Rob God? Yet ye have Rob me. But ye say where I have we robbed thee? In tithes and offering MALACHI 3:8


The children of Israel robbed God of which is devoted to him, but ignorantly. They robbed God of the gift given for support of God’s work (offering), robbed God of themselves, Rob him of not returning to him with a broken heart and tears, Rob God in going astray but they have not the knowledge of the gross misconduct . Such is dominion of Satan’s subtilty. Failure to bring the offering whereby God requires attracts Divine wrath. Here, the Divine displeasure disfigures the body, soul and spirit of the sinner. The offering must be proportional to Divine blessing in the life of true worshipers. The offering must meet Divine demand.

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Many a times offering covers Divine nakedness more than tithes, depending on how the spirit it sacrificial giving moves the benevolent to give. The offering has no fixed amount. Some time offering is less than tithe if the church have not much to do with the gift. If the church embark on a capital project that needs fat some of money, here offering is more than tithe. Both tithe and offering must be put in tithe box in the house of God, but in different envelopes. The Lord promised to rebuke locust, caterpillars, satan, powers, principalities, visible and invisible devourers in the field of faithful worshipers who can not fail their offering.

Even if your income cannot meet your demand, do not rob God in offering. Deduct offering in available money, material etc. Such is wisdom to overcome cursing and poverty. Avert giving excuse to justify unrighteousness and disobedience to Divine commandment. The flesh (sinful nature) must be put to death, before members of the body Christ glorify God with proper and acceptable offering. God knows your needs before he demands offering from you. The offering is an entrance to multiplication. Remember the window gave priority of claim of what she had through Elijah before the little she had multiplied and sustain her and her son in the famine 1 Kings 17:10-16.

Giving one tenth to God, presenting gifts for support of God’s work in the church, is tithes and offerings.

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