Unity in the family of Christ

Unity in the family of Christ

Unity in the family of Christ – Jesus our Lord is the head of spiritual family. He knows every member of his family. Obedience is Divine, Jesus and Holy Ghost nature. They called you to obey Christ teaching as Jesus obeyed the father. Obedience is war and cross.

Do not take to rest when the battle is hot, and cross is heavy; seeing that Jesus works without ceasing. Jesus did not take rest during his earthly ministry. You are called to do Divine will on earth. Nothing changes Divine will. The wise submit to God’s will and live. Jesus says

For Whosoever do the will of my father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, sister and mother.


Divine family on earth is supreme. The lord calls us to join the family. The angels in heaven take to Divine will many years before the foundation of the world, after the creation and till today, they will continue in the good conduct till Jesus come and forever.

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Whosoever worship God but not according to Divine will is not a member of family of Christ on earth. Submission to Divine will and holding unto spirit of perpetual obedience epitomizes spirit of Christ indwelling and grace to attend regeneration. A carnal christian cannot submit to Divine will.

The imperfect worshippers are ignorant of Divine will and Divine demand from them, here they abide in darkness in the camouflage of God’s worship. There is a little bitterness in submission to God’s will. Whosoever knows God’s will but fails to take to is not worthy of Christ. The person stands afar from Christ, infact Jesus does not know him.

Learn to do all things like Jesus. Perfect, acceptable, biblical and life time obedience bind children of this new life with Jesus. Jesus our Lord, captain of salvation and teacher descended from heaven to make sinfree, obedience, gentle, perfect, holy hardworking, wise, faithful, and heavenly minded disciples who submit to Divine will as he submitted to the Father’s will from the beginning to the end of his earthly stewardship.

Here the true worshipers came to union with Christ as the head of spiritual family. You must live one another in the body of Christ. Supreme love to brethren, doing all things with one accord, seeking heavenly things more than worldly things, till no foothold is given to Satan in the body of Christ bind the members of the family with Jesus.

Separation from the world (sinners) and taking to Divine will and perfect obedience is unity in the family of Christ.

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