Nigeria made $10.4 million in ginger exports in 2019.

The exports of Nigerian ginger in 2019 gained $10.4 million. This is because farmers have said that this year they are doubling production to tap the world ginger market at $3 billion.

While Nigeria is the biggest ginger manufacturer in Africa and the world’s seventh-largest commodity, its failure to export value-added goods still means it will not completely grab the international ginger market.

However, during the opening of the Ginger Association’s National Executive Committee, the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Nasir Gwarzo, Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, urged Nigeria to develop ambitious goals to ensure that Nigeria becomes the leading exporter of this commodity.

In 2019, Nigeria exported $10.4million in ginger that was certainly not insignificant in a near $3million market. Gwarzo stated: Thus the country can improve its exports by rising production to allow farmers to tap into the world ginger market of 3 billion dollars.

Nigeria is the world’s fourth-largest ginger produced in Africa and is expected to grow by six% per year with a global share of 14% and about 90% of its production exports. Nigeria is the world’s fourth-leading producer.

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