Joe Biden invested $500 million on advertising this year as he seeks the presidency.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign broke the $500 million mark on his ad expenditures in his fight against President Donald Trump.

The campaign has invested this amount on TV , internet and radio advertisements since the beginning of the year, according to Advertising Analytics.


The sum includes what the former vice president spent in his popular struggle in the Democratic primaries.

Since securing the nomination, Biden’s campaign has opened its checkbooks to reach voters through ad purchases in key states such as Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, and Texas.

Trump, on the other hand, has gone dark in several states and moved his TV ad spending strategy to Florida , Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Since early September, Biden has invested just under $95 million on TV advertising, while Trump has invested more than $41 million on the Wesleyan Media Initiative.

Both are fighting for dominance in their Facebook ad spending: they’re practically committed to investing in the ad platform of social media giants this month. Each of them spent just over $5 million on Facebook advertising over the week.

The 2020 presidential and congressional elections are predicted to end up costing $10.8 billion.

According to the Real Straightforward Politics polling average, Biden is just under 10 points ahead of Trump.

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