Joe Biden may, on election night win the election

Joe Biden may, on election night, put an end to the election. An investment in Texas is all that’s needed. Texas is a state that could bring an end to the mystery of whether President Trump could concede defeat on Nov. 3, with huge, late money and turning up. That’s because Texas’ 38 electoral college votes are the most up for grabs in any swing state.

Yes, Texas is a swing state in this election. According to the Five Thirty Eight survey average, Trump leads Biden in Texas by 1.6 points, a statistical tie, and the polls have consistently underestimated the actual results of every recent Democratic candidate on election day. Biden has consistently polled better in Texas than any recent Democratic candidate. It’s a strategic chance that Biden has to seize, so he wins the election if he wins Texas.

Texas has not increased its voting by mail in the midst of a global pandemic, due to Republican attempts to limit voter turnout. As a result, on election night, we will get to know the winner of the Texas presidential election. Trump would have no realistic road to victory if Texas turned blue that night, and his 38 electoral votes went to Biden, and the election would be over that night before Trump’s attorneys could get through the doors of the courthouse to deter other states from voting. If Biden were to win Texas along with the probable blue states of Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Virginia, even if he lost all of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan , Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida, he would still win the White House. Trump can’t win without Texas, on the other hand.

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