Trump says he’s COVID-19 ‘immune’

21 Days to Polling Day Countdown emblem of the banner Simply for 2020 News of the United States Elections 2020 Trump says he’s COVID-19 ‘immune’ as he prepares for rallying. Donald Trump was expected to return to the US election campaign trail, as some national polls show Joe Biden with a double-digit lead.
President Donald Trump has not confirmed whether he has tested negative for COVID-19.

The US presidential campaign is expected to start again this week, as President Donald Trump vigorously returns to the trail after his doctor has announced that he is no longer at risk of coronavirus transmission.
In an interview aired on Fox News on Sunday, Trump claimed that he no longer had COVID-19 and that he was now “resistant” to the virus, an assertion that was difficult to confirm, and that comes amid a series of unanswered questions regarding the President’s health.

To date, the White House has still not released the last time Trump tested negative for the virus until his positive test, leaving the timeline of his infection uncertain.

Later on Sunday, Twitter signaled Trump’s tweet that the US President said he was immune to coronavirus and said he breached the laws of the Social Media Site on false details relevant to COVID-19.

“A complete and complete sign from the Doctors of the White House yesterday. That means I can’t get it (immune) and I can’t give it to you. Good to hear, “said Trump in a tweet.

The post was flagged on Twitter with a disclaimer.

“This Tweet breached the Twitter Rules on the Dissemination of False and Potentially Harmful Information Related to COVID-19,” Twitter’s disclaimer read, adding that it had decided that it could be in the public interest for the tweet to remain available.

A Twitter spokeswoman told the Reuters news agency that the tweet made “misleading health statements” about COVID-19 and that the contribution to the post will be “significantly reduced,” as is the practice in such situations.

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