US second presidential debate cancelled ❌

In spite of concern about his diagnosis of COVID-19, Donald Trump and Joe Biden ‘s second presidential debate

on October 15th was cancelled. The organizers announced that the incumbent US president refused to virtually confronte his Democratic challenger.

The non-partisan (CPD), in a statement on Friday, reported the scrapping of the second edition intended for Miamai, Florida. The CPD said it was planning for the next discussion to be held less than two weeks before the presidential election on 22 October in Nashville , Tennessee.

Trump and Biden arranged the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio on 29 September. The one-off debate was held in Salt Lake, Utah, on 7 October between Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

“On October 8, the CPD announced the second presidential debate, scheduled to take place in Miami on 15 October, on the health and welfare of those concerned,” the CPD said in a declaration, which formally declared that the second debate would be cancelled.

‘Several Comments on their respective positions on the ability to participate in a virtual debate on 15 October were then made by the campaigns of the two candidates qualifying to participate in the debate and now each announces alternative plans for that date.’

“There is now, of course, no debate on 15 October, and on the final presidential debate on 22 October, the CPD is concentrate its attention,” added the CPD.

The cancelation is the culmination of a furious 48-hour retrospective on the format of the second presidential debate between the commission and Republican and Democratic campaigns.

The committee endorsed by their health advisors on Thursday reported that the discussion planned for Miami, with the candidates appearing from remote areas, would take place remotely because Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump immediately opposed this proposal and said he wouldn’t present himself and arrange a variety of activities that question the future of all elections.

The Trump campaign believed the commission was “biased,” while the Democratic team accused the chair of ducking the conversation.

In the U.S., where 7,664,000 confirmed cases were registered, Trump was accused of downplaying the gravity of the COVID-19, which killed more than 213,000 people making it the most affected nation in the world.

In a statement made by a spokesman, Biden replied by saying that President Trump was “shorry” for the cancelation of the presidential second debate, “which is the only debate in which voters have questions to bring.”

“Biden is looking forward to advocating the Americans about how to cope mit this pandemic, restoring US leadership and partnerships around the world and getting the American people together,” said Andrew Bates, campaign spokesman.

“It is shameful that the only debate in which voters can ask questions was Donald Trumpe ‘s – but that is no surprise. All know that Donald Trump likes to intimidate reporters, but certainly not at the same time as Vices President Biden he has the right to answer his record for voters.”

Tim Murtaugh, Director of Communications at Trump, blamed the “biased” commission for having cancelled the second debate, claiming “there are no medical grounds to postpone it.”

The primary role of the Committee on Presidential Debates is to ensure that general election debates between and among leading candidates for offices of president and vice-president of the United States are held every four years for the benefit of the American constituents.

According to the commission ‘s website, the CPD has supported presidential elections in every vote since 1988.

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