Eric Gercia does not understand man city refusal to sell him

According to Spanish football journalists Fernando Polo and Roger Torelló, the attitude of Manchester City towards negotiations with Barcelona has generated ‘rage’ in Eric Garcia and those close to him.Eric Garcia photo

Barca increased its bid to €18 million (a sum of bonuses), but despite the possibility of losing Garcia free at the end of the season or even less so in January, the City declined to be worth € 20 million.

The Spanish defender ‘did not understand’ the City’s refusal to consider a Barcelona bid after the club had been told that it was not about to renew itself and that it was about to return home, all the more so because after the signing of Nathan Are and Rubén Dias, the city had four backpacks on its side.

But Stuart Brennan of MEN notes that the Club assumes that García ‘s extra option may be very useful at a time when the results of the late and skewed pre-season are already apparent, with bad injuries and outcomes.

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